Victim/Suspect – an absolute must watch for EVERYONE

Everyone needs to watch Victim/Suspect on Netflix ASAP, where investigative journalist Rae de Leon uncovers and examines the pattern of young women being ignored by authorities after reporting sexual assaults. It is a staggeringly shocking documentary.
Diligently researched, it is quite astonishing in what it has unearthed.
It made me cry, rant and shout at the TV and overall, feel overwhelmingly sad that women were/are failed SO badly by the very people who should be protecting us. It will break your heart but is a must watch. It will be on my mind for ages, it really is mind blowing stuff. I am spitting fire after watching it but as a mother to daughters, and in fairness, a son too, I will want them all to watch it and learn from it.
It takes misogyny and #boysclubs to a whole new disgusting level. What men will do to protect each other and keep women down is utterly despicable. These so called ‘detectives’ literally don’t do any real detecting, instead they prey on vulnerable, traumatised young women to trick them into recanting their rape and sexual assault claims. I don’t think a piece of film has ever made me so angry but it is also, so very important to watch.
We need to have conversations from this and learn from this.

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