In Ground Trampolines – tips from JKC Toymaster!

In relation to ALL trampolines, JKC Toymaster are experts and can advise on both inground and above ground!
Trampolines are:
• great fun FOR ALL AGES
• excellent for core strength, all the motor skills and general flexibility
• trampolines are 83% more effective for general fitness & wellbeing then either jogging or walking (Results of a NASA study!!)
In relation to InGround trampolines from JKC Toymaster
•Visually they don’t dominate your garden
•Peace of mind the won’t blow in the wind
•Because they are so accessible, evidence suggests, they get even more use than conventional trampolines
• there is a mesh on the underside of all Inground Trampolines that will stop foreign bodies are foreign objects getting in.(Vermon under a trampoline is an urban myth)!
In relation to the hole required for an InGround Trampoline Michael from JKC Toymaster says:
•a lot smaller than people imagine it to be
•hole is Dome shaped
•hole is 75cm at the deepest point in the middle for ALL InGround trampolines
•hole can be hand dug, takes a average of 4 hours
Prices include delivery from JKC Toymaster and they deliver nationwide!
Most models are constantly in stock
See details HERE

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