Egg Hunt Ideas! No matter the weather…..

If the wind & rain hamper your ‘Egg hunt’ plans, you can always move it indoors for a ‘PJ egg hunt’ instead! 🙂
Here are some ideas for rhymes & riddles for your egg hunt (an indoor one incase of rain!!!)
1. When you sit against it, its comfy but with an egg behind it, its bumpy! (Cushions on sofa)
2. We close them to keep out the light….but today behind them is an egg in sight ( behind curtains)
3. Behind the seat….is a chocolatey treat (behind the chair in living room)
4. Look behind the books….in the crannies and nooks (in our bookshelf)
5. We use them to dry the plates…today the treats inside are great (hidden in the teatowel drawer)
6. Its what we use for stew.…but today, its for chocolate too (the bowls we use for eating stews and casseroles)
7. This box is full of fun….but today inside are things yum (inside their toy box)
8. When the sun is in the sky, we use these to shield our eyes… there’s also some eggs inside (the drawer where we keep sunglasses)
9. Flowers are pretty and sweet – look in the vase for something to eat (in our dry flower arrangement)
Hope this helps some of you Mammies & Daddies make the egg hunts fun
And don’t worry, it doesn’t have to cost the earth, ALDI has loads of great offers on eggs and egg hunt kits!

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