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Better Body Co. has lots of vitamin options for women dealing with #perimenopause and #menopause If you would like to give them a try, see HERE and then pop your name to us at 
We will have samples to give away at our next menopause support coffee morning. Please email me if you want to be added to our list for these meet ups! Here is some information about these supplements and why they are so good!
  • Latest customer survey results
    • Among 904 recent returning customers who have taken Provitalize for at least 3 months:
      • 94.7% reported experiencing some positive results (e.g. less bloating, fewer hot flashes, weight loss, and fewer night sweats being the most common results)
      • 58.8% reported less bloating
      • 43.5% reported fewer hot flashes
      • 38.6% reported fewer night sweats
      • 32.0% reported weight loss
      • Among those who mentioned “Other” results, a few reported better digestion and bowel movements
    • Among 2,511 recent returning customers (regardless of how long they’ve taken Provitalize):
      • 77.5% of them reported some positive results
      • 56% reported less bloating
      • 35.8% reported fewer hot flashes
      • 31.5% reported fewer night sweats
      • 30.5% reported weight loss
      • 30.5% reported more energy
  • We can see from the results reported that the effectiveness of hot flashes and night sweat reduction increase quite a bit for those who stay on it for at least 3 months. See more HERE
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