Farmaphobia……so scary this Halloween!!!

It’s baaaaaaack…..if you wanna scare yourself silly this Halloween, get over to Farmaphobia at Causey Farm
We had a blast last year, it was fantastically scary! My husband was delighted because I was stuck to him like glue the whole time, I was petrified, thrilled and excited all in one! We were like a couple of love struck teens, stuck to each other!
We’ll definitely be going again this #Halloween with our teens, they loved it!! It’s such good fun, properly scary and great craic. There’s plenty of jump scares all the way around. 👻 🎃 🧛‍♀️ 🧙‍♀️ 🪄 😱 ⚒️😨🤡🧹🧙‍♀️
I have to say, the production and work that goes into it is phenomenal!! We were very impressed. It is well worth the trip Book HERE!

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When we were queuing up for the America part of the tour, a madman creeped up behind me and scared the bejaysus out of me. It was hilarious!!

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There are lots of areas to explore at Farmaphobia, we spent over 2 hours there, it was a great night and there is so much to see and experience!!

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There I am, trying to be brave but actually, quaking in my boots! Btw, its a good idea to wear boots, it can be a bit muddy! It is after all a farm. The corn stalks are super scary….so creepy!!!!

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