The Probiotic helping with Menopause symptoms!

The Probiotic That Mitigates Menopause Symptoms By Targeting One Health Problem

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For years, menopause has always been considered an unnecessary “shush, shush” medical situation. Although it’s normal for a female’s body to begin to change 12 months after their last menstrual cycle, it’s just now beginning to lose that “taboo” feeling. The conversation surrounding this common aging process was always ridiculous, and most people seem to think if it was never acknowledged, it wasn’t happening. Yet, ignoring menopause doesn’t mean the painful symptoms and mentally draining side effects – gaining weight, hot flashes, feeling bloated, joint pain, and declining energy – go away. However, research has shown that targeting one specific area, gut health, can mitigate some of the symptoms of menopause. And that’s exactly what Provitalize, an all-natural probiotic blend, is aimed at doing

If you’re like me, you might be wondering how gut health could have any sort of impact. Poor gut health can lead to weight gain, bloating, sleep problems, and hot flashes. Over one million women worldwide have used Provitalize; made of L.Gasseri to boost immunity, B.Breve to lower fat mass, and B.Lactis to reduce BMI, Provitalize combats these painful menopause symptoms. In addition to mitigating these ailments, users have also reported seeing a decrease in weight, with an increase in energy levels. Over 606 customers who took Provitalize for at least 3 months were surveyed, and 32% reported weight loss, 30% experienced better sleep patterns and 33.5% had higher energy levels.

The Reviews Are In

Kay, 36, was having issues when she discovered Provitalize. “I’ve struggled with the effects of PCOS since I was eleven, and some of the symptoms can mirror perimenopause. So it is with that in mind, that when my body began changing in new ways and my moods began shifting at 34, neither I nor my doctor figured that perimenopause could be the culprit. I was just considered ‘too young’, despite my grandmother going into menopause at 28. I ran across an ad for Provitalize, and in reading the reviews, I realized that a lot of women were describing my symptoms, across the board. I’m just over two weeks in, and I have less inflammation, my mood is more upbeat as it used to be, bloating has decreased after attempting to address it with countless other means and products, as well as my complexion has more clarity. I’m finding that I don’t feel so heavy after even small meals, anymore, and I just feel better, overall. This is enough of a difference for me to know that something is working, here… I’m entirely okay with going into menopause and working into that phase of my life in a time that others would deem early. My only concern has been the symptoms – many that are quickly becoming non-existent and others that are diminishing quite quickly. This is incredible.”

Joyce, 66, also saw success with Provitalize. “I have tried many products that promised so much and failed, but your product came through with flying colors. I am thrilled to be losing weight at 66 yrs old. I am thrilled not to have acid reflux and I am thrilled to have finally found a product that does what it says it will do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

After Seeing All The Excitement, I Had To Try It

The success of those women lead me to try this product for myself. Within a few days of ordering, my Provitalize vitamins arrived and I immediately took the recommended two (I choose to have them with breakfast, but you don’t have to have food with them). Over the course of a week, I continued to take these – here are my overall thoughts.

I Was Much More Alert, And Ready To Take On The Day

Usually, it takes me one or two cups of coffee to fully wake up for the day. But, I found myself not needing to reach for that second cup of java. I noticed a huge increase in energy after just one day – and this continued throughout the week. I was able to complete my daily tasks with ease, and didn’t feel the need to take a nap.

The Pills Weren’t That Difficult To Take.

When I first saw these pills, I was genuinely surprised at how big they were. But, I was able to take them with ease and a few sips of water (or, wrap your fingers around your thumb and squeeze. That does wonders for taking pills without any type of liquid).

I Wasn’t Nearly As Bloated.

I’m so used to waking up feeling as bloated as a balloon, but slowly but surely, I noticed a reduction in my stomach. I hadn’t made any huge dietary changes, and I stopped feeling like I had consumed five pounds of food even after a small meal.

It’s impressive how even after seven days, I was already seeing results. My energy levels were higher, and there was a noticeable decrease in bloating. If you’re looking to mitigate menopause symptoms, Provitalize vitamins are the solution for you.

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