Stand up to street/sexual harassment

L’Oréal Paris is encouraging standing up to street harassment with The 5D’s Method.
The 5D’s stand for :
Distract the perpetrator
Delegate by asking some help
Document the harassment
Direct by speaking up
Delay by comforting
See video on what to do HERE:
Please share, tag in friends and pass this on to women and men to highlight how to react to these situations. We ALL need to do our bit to stop harassment of women. I can honestly say I don’t know one woman who has not been sexually harassed by a man. And disgustingly, just last weekend my teenage daughter was harassed by a man at a bus stop, while she waited for her friend. He stared at her, leered at her, looked her up and down and she felt so uncomfortable, she zipped up her jacket, held herself inwards and turned away from the man. A woman at the bus stop saw what was happening and started speaking to my daughter and it diffused the situation but it shook my daughter – its the first time anything like this has happened to her. Sadly, it won’t be the last. 

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