How to actually recycle household waste….

I try to be environmentally friendly but I do find it a bit confusing sometimes when I’m not sure how to dispose of certain items. So, we put together a list of questions for the experts at Oxigen on how to safely dispose of common household waste and here are some of their top tips……

No photo description available.May be an image of text that says "PUTTING OUT Coronavirus YOUR BINS COVID-19 To reduce the potential for cross contamination, please follow this advice when putting out your household bins: Bins to be presented on the evening before scheduled collection Handles of bins to be cleaned with disinfectant where possible before and after presentation Wipes, cloths, gloves etc. used for cleaning can be placed in your general waste bin If you are self-isolating/ quarantine, please manage your waste accordance with HSE guidelines http://w.seieiconotionsicoronvrs"No photo description available.Fabric softener bottles – wash and dry by cutting top off for easy drying – use kitchen roll which can then be put in compost bin

Glass jars – labels and glue should be removed – mix equal parts baking soda & olive oil, apply and leave for 5 mins, scrub off an/or soak in boiling water for 20-25mins and peel off  (NB: Glass should not be put into your household recycling bin, if you do not have a specific glass bin collection bring your glass to your local bottle bank/recycling centre)

Milk cartons – wash & dry by cutting top off for easy drying. Use kitchen roll which can then be put in compost bin

Bleach plastic bottles – Straight into general waste bin

Plastic containers from vegetables like mushrooms – wash and dry using kitchen roll

Washing up liquid bottles – wash and dry using kitchen roll

Shampoo/bubble bath bottles – wash and dry using kitchen roll (cut top off if need be)

Take away pizza boxes – any parts with food or grease on them should be separated from ‘clean’ cardboard and put into the general waste bin, the rest can go into recycling

What should NEVER go into a recycling bin and where to dispose of them:

Egg shells – compost bin

Fruit & veg peelings – compost bin

Batteries – battery collection boxes in many retail stores and/or your local WEEE drop off point/recycling centre

Butter foil – general waste bin

Clothes & shoes – local clothes bank or charity shop

Coffee pods – general waste bin

Electrical items – local charity shop or WEEE drop off point/recycling centre

Food waste – compost bin

Fruit & veg netting – general waste bin

Garden waste – compost bin (grass and light cuttings) or local recycling centre for lager volumes

Sponges – general waste bin

Light bulbs – local WEEE drop off point/recycling centre

Markers – general waste bin

Used matches – general waste bin

Blister tablet packs – general waste bin

Nail polish bottles (plastic) – general waste bin

Nappies & baby wipes – general waste bin

Pens – general waste bin

Plasters – general waste bin

Polystyrene – local recycling centre

Soiled tin foil – general waste bin

Steel scourers – general waste bin

Toothpaste tubes – general waste bin

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