Nisbets for Baking & Cooking!

We are loving baking up muffins, cakes and biscuits with our mixer. We’ve even been making waffles & pancake mixes in it too. So easy to use. A really good investment in your kitchen, highly recommend!!! We picked ours up at Ilac Shopping Centre Dublin! See more here!
Kenwood Cream kMix Stand Mixer KMX754CR
For dinner time, we try to get the kids involved by picking recipes and trying them out – we literally get them to pick recipes from cookbooks! We’d do anything to mix up dinner times!
Kenwood Cream kMix Stand Mixer KMX754CR

If you are looking for a gift for a foodie or someone who enjoys or wants to do more cooking, cookwares are a great gift idea. Nisbets on the Moore St Mall in Ilac SC Dublin has some gorgeous copper pots & pans. Sturdy, hard wearing – these are an excellent investment that will last a long time!

Vogue Copper Mini Gravy Pan - 0.15Ltr 80mmVogue Induction Tri-Wall Copper Saute Pan - 200x90mmVogue Induction Tri-Wall Copper Fry Pan - 200x45mmVogue Copper Mini Saucepan - 90mm dia

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