Being a mother of a new born is an unforgettable experience — so much so that you tend to forget names of friends, returning calls, car keys and other simple day to day chores!!! As a first time mammy, I am so worried about showing any sign of weakness. However, now that the experts have coined the medical condition mumnesia … I am relieved! The other day, while speaking with my friend of 20 years … I completely forgot her name and found my heart racing desperately trying not to be found out! The keys, nappy bag, sunglasses … objects lost on a daily basis. Researchers have found the key factors which cause memory failures, including hormonal changes, tiredness, and the stress of having to look after a new child. Terming it a short-term problem, which lasts only for a few months, researchers suggest that women should not worry too much about the phenomenon. The post-natal forgetfulness can be put down to four main factors — Priorities, pain, hormones, and fatigue. My DD is so fragile and I am the only one who is keeping her alive … obviously less important matters are forgotten!!! The researchers are saying forgetfulness is part of women’s defence mechanism after the pain and rigours of childbirth. YEAH! If those memories didn’t fade, we would never have sex again! Just wondering if anyone else has suffered from mumnesia?

Post Author: Fiona ONeill

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