#GoRedForDyslexia in October

We are wearing red this month to raise awareness of #Dyslexia
1 in 10 people in Ireland are living with #Dyslexia and it can be devastating for them if they do not have the support they need. Understanding from teachers, support in school and help from family members is crucial. Also, getting an actual diagnosis is imperative but even this can be difficult. There are limited resources available within the Dept of Education to assess children. If you are worried about your child, please talk to your child’s teacher and school principal about getting them assessed. They will be able to advise you. If they cannot help, contact the Dyslexia Association of Ireland, they are super helpful.
If you can, please help us start more conversations by using the hashtag #GoRedForDyslexia for the month of October.
One thing you can do to help your child with their #Dyslexia is to get them a Scanning Pen (also known as a reader pen). This is a pen which reads words aloud and gives a dictionary meaning on the screen. It is very easy to use; the child simply scans the pen over the word they are stuck on and then the word comes up on the screen in the pen, reads the word aloud and also gives a definition of the word. Our daughter has been using this pen to help with reading, homework, spelling and even general reading for fun. She is getting alot more laughs in the David Walliams books she is reading when she uses the Scanning Pen!
Can we say a huge thank to Scanning Pens for our lovely #GoRedForDyslexia goody box….the beachball is so fun!!



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