Phytaphix – boost your immunity!

Wanna boost your immune system…..we recommend brand new, multi-award winning product Immune Phix from 100% Irish company, Phytaphix. To find out more about their award winning products, check out their website:


Phytaphix – award winning energy and immunity boost!!!

Here’s a few words about Phytaphix from their founder, Dr. Conor Kerley:

Our first product, Immune Phix, provides all round immune and energy support. It is a delicious powdered product so suitable for addition to any food or drink. Immune Phix is suitable for children and adults as well as:

  • gluten free, 
  • 100% plant based so suitable for vegans/vegetarians
  • low in sugar and carbohydrate so suitable for low carb/ketogenic diets
  • fully recyclable so good for you and the planet!

–> The biggest selling point is that a busy mam can confidently buy a single product to support her own immune system and energy levels as well as for her partner, her own elderly parents who do not like swallowing capsules or tablets and her children including for example, fussy toddlers, vegan teenagers and sporty adolescents. 

In addition, Phytaphix won the 2020 Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards as well as the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards!

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