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NEW ABSLOUE THE SERUM……… INTRODUCING SKIN LONGEVITY SCIENCEAbsolue Oleo SerumAbsolue Oleo SerumMay be an image of text that says "LANCOME PARIS"Since 1965, Lancôme Absolue has been a symbol of quintessentially French luxury skincare. Inspire by nature’s ability to regenerate itself, Lancôme Absolue combines the most innovative science with the most luxurious sensoriality to create skincare of unparalleled efficiency. This year, Lancôme Absolue enters a new scientific frontier set to define the next generation of skincare.

This amazing breakthrough is Skin Longevity Science: a promising scientific field that corrects aging at molecular level. Lancôme is proud to introduce new Absolue The Serum, a step forward in skincare that captures the savoir-fair and heritage of Absolue, now enhanced by a new understanding of the aging process

To harness the potential of Skin Longevity Sciencefor all women and all ages, Lancôme laboratories turned to a phenomenon of nature: the Absolue Perpetual RoseTM. Cultivated organically on the exceptional terroir of the Plateau de Valensole in the South of France, millions of its unique molecular fractions have been concentrated within new Absolue The Serum. Made in France with a sustainable approach, Absolue The Serum is set to become the most powerful way to accelerate epidermal cell renewal and visibly younger, re-densifed, plumper, more radiant skin. To discover Absolue The Serum is to discover a new luxury beauty experience that empowers your skin to look younger for longer.

The Rise Of Skin Longevity Science. The Eternal Quest For Youth Becomes Possible

Longevity Science is now a growing global phenomenon that has attracted the attention of experts all over the world. The purpose of Longevity Science is to extend the human lifespan – and thereby capture eternal youth. This understanding of human longevity starts with an in-depth knowledge of molecular aging processes. Essentially, aging can be defined as a time-dependent

As the hallmarks of aging accumulate over time, they accelerate further dysfunction at a cellular level.

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