Getting back in to fitness…at home!

From a dusty garage to a home gym with quarter rack & weights from Fittr, an Irish company who specialize in gym equipment. They sell lots of different items, from Treadmills to Cross Trainers to Racks and Weights. They also offer a Gym Design Service, so if you want to build a gym at home, they can help you design it.
You can work around whatever space and budget you have to make the best of the space to create your own home workout area!
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See a little video here about the equipment we got from
We put our rack, yoga mat, dumbbells, balance ball, skipping rope and hula hoop in a cleaned out area of what was previously a garage full of junk and then the lovely Kieran came in the big van and set up all the gym equipment for us! Much better to use the space for fitness, so we can improve our physical and mental health!
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We’ll be fit as fiddles after few weeks of this!! My son is fitness mad and is helping to ‘train’ me back into shape! It won’t be easy (for him for for me!!) LOL!!  So help me…I’m gonna be stiff tomorrow  😁🤸‍♂️💪👟🏃‍♀️
It was easy to order, the service was very good and it was delivered within a week! It only took Kieran, who delivered and assembled it, about 10-15 minutes to set it up. It was a birthday gift for our son’s 18th birthday and also, its for the rest of the family too, so we can all get back into fitness. Its so handy having a gym at home, no need to go to the gym and pay hefty memberships. So happy with it and delighted to recommend

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