Room made over with IKEA!

We are living in strange times with very little control so we decided to let our 13 & 9 yr olds redecorate their shared bedroom. They wanted a more grown up teenage look (for Tik Tok I presume!) and we had them involved from the get go. They picked colours, curtains, accessories, the beds, artwork on walls, desk, storage unit – basically, they were involved in it all. They absolutely love how its turned out and if they do have to be off school at all (they’ve already had to miss some due to Covid worries in their school) then this is the perfect room for schoolwork too!
We wanted to let you know where everything came from and if you are looking to redecorate, it might be helpful for you!
Glass topped homework/dressing/makeup table €150 at IKEA, see here
Pink Chair, IKEA, see here  
Shelving unit €55 IKEA see here
Bed covers, throws, cushions and even the Pandas are all from IKEA!
Get a full view of the room here:

All budget friendly and good quality; perfect for our girls bedroom! Thanks IKEA for being so generous to help us with this project!


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