Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bars

SOLID BUT FOAMY, SOLID BUT NOURISHING!  94% PLANT-BASED. ZERO PLASTIC WASTE. A new way to shampoo & condition your hair with Garnier Shampoo & Conditioner Bars!

Soap Bars vs. Shampoo Bars For Hair

If you’re looking for ways to help reduce plastic waste in your beauty routine, using a solid Shampoo Bar is a great way! However, making the switch from shampoo bottle to solid shampoo bar can be daunting, especially if you’ve been loyal to liquid shampoo for a long time. You may be thinking ‘I don’t want to put something that looks like a bar of soap on my hair.’ We get it, you may be sceptical that you can’t get the same nourished, shiny and healthy-looking hair by using this newer form of sustainable shampoo. However, rest assured Garnier Shampoo Bars are not a soap and come with all the benefits of your liquid shampoo! Garnier’s scientists have tested over 60 formulas to develop the perfect one, with all the foaminess, nourishment and care of a liquid shampoo but in a solid format, meaning zero plastic waste. Our 94% plant-based formula is specifically designed to be used to wash your hair, not your body. See more here:

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As with all beauty products, there’s certain things to look out for when choosing a solid Shampoo Bar to get the best results. Apart from having zero plastic waste, this newer form of shampoo has so many great qualities. These are the things we love about our Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bar range:

  • Our solid Shampoo Bars are zero plastic waste. They are packaged in a 100% recyclable FSC carboard box.
  • 94% Plant-based: The remaining 6% guarantee the fragrance and an overall high-quality product
  • Eco-designed formulas which are 97% biodegradable (as per OECD 301 or equivalent)
  • Our formulas are Silicone free for a natural feel
  • We have a blend for your hair type, choose from one of our benefits: Softening, Strengthening, Hydrating or Revitalising
  • Fast-rinse formula to make it quick and easy to use
  • pH balanced formulas
  • Some of our Shampoo Bars are 100% Vegan Formulas with no animal derived ingredients or by-products (please check the packaging for our Vegan Formula logo
  • Launched March 2021. €9.99 – lasts up to 2 months!



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