skinRESCUE from Biofresh Skincare – for dry, irritated skin

Exciting news….one of our fave skincare companies, Biofresh Skincare, has a new product called skinRESCUE!
Especially designed for skin that is often dry, peeling or reddening, skinRESCUE helps your skin to be calm and soft, without any more irritation.
We’ve been using it on dry, red inner elbow area and its excellent. See more & order here


skinRESCUE for a life filled with moments of joy, lightness and peace. For you and for the skin you love. Calm and soft. Without any more irritation.

Your skin is often dry, peeling, reddening. Heat and cold do not bring comfort, the wind irritates it. You have tried various medications, tested different face-and-body creams – calming and moisturizing. You find a solution, but it turns out to be only temporary. We cannot provide the only solution for your skin as this all depends on your lifestyle, but we have created a face-and-body cream your skin will absolutely love.

Designed as a skin-identical lipid concentrate for increased hydration and skin barrier protection, skinRESCUE emulates the natural moisturizing factor of the skin and this distinguishes it from many other brands. skinRESCUE contains key ingredients such as ceramideshyaluronic acid, and 8% urea, as well as a filtrate from the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillicus Bulgaricus for an enhanced calming effect. This is a unique product that is rich in natural emollients and water-binding humectants.Rescue your skin with skinRESCUE!

* Quickly absorbed non-greasy formula

* Calms dry, scaly and eczema-prone skin

* Helps with redness, irritation and itchiness

* Based on natural ingredients and postbiotics

* Suitable for sensitive and atopy-prone skin

Apply a liberal amount daily especially after bath or shower.

Suitable for adults and children over 3 years of age.

Dermatologist Recommended

Please visit our website for further information

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Each purchase includes 2 complimentary sachets 14ml

Key ingredients

8% Urea | Skin-identical lipid complex (ceramides, cholesterol, phospholipids) | Probiotic ferment filtrate from Lactobacillicus Bulgaricus | Hyaluronic acid | Coconut butter

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