Nuk Double Electric Breastpump – offers & discounts!

Breast pump is an excellent investment for BF Mammies and is currently on sale from €200 down to €150. If you’re tired, unwell or just need a break – expressing milk allows someone else to feed baby so you can rest. I had to go into hospital when my baby was 5 months old and thank goodness I had a pump, it meant I could express milk for her and did not have to give up breastfeeding. We’ve tried LOTS of breast pumps over the years and personally, recommend a double electric pump. Quick, efficient and no milk waste! This one comes from NUK and is fantastic! See more and order here

Another great idea for new parents is the Nuk starter set, it comes with bottles, bottle washer and soother etc. See more and buy here 

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Nuk First Temperature set, see more here

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Keep an eye out for offers on the NUK range here, including €60 off the electric breast pump this weekend ahead!


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