Beautiful Brows & Lashes, at home! Easy and cost effective!

With salons being closed over the past few months, us gals have had to get creative when it comes to beauty treatments and here is one we tried and absolutely loved; its a home tint kit from Beautiful Brows & Lashes.

I usually go to my local salon every 6 weeks for an eyelash tint, but obviously, over the past few months have been unable to. And so, my lashes went back to their natural blonde colour which is so fair, they’re almost invisible! I decided that lockdown was the perfect excuse to give home tinting a go. I reckoned, if I made a mess of it, no-one would really see anyway, so no harm in trying!

I went to Beautiful Brows & Lahshes – as they supply lash & brow tint to salons and got this kit, which is £15. I picked blue/black for my eye lashes (I think this works well with blue eyes).

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint Mini Starter Pack

The kit is really easy to use and the instructions are clear and helpful. I put some vaseline under my eyes to prevent any tint going on my skin there and then I mixed the tint and applied it immediately. I left it on for around 5 mins and then wiped off with a wet cotton pad. It was easy and didn’t take long I am so happy with the results, it looks just the same as when I have it done at the salon!

I reckon I won’t be going back to the salon for this treatment anymore. I can do it at home easily and as the kits has lots of applications, it is going to save me a quite a few euros in the long run! Here are some before and after pics so you can see how they turned out. To check out the full range of products from Beautiful Brows & Lashes, go here 

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