Born:Again, the hair care supplement created for women post-pregnancy.

Created by The Hair Vitamin Company 

The Hair Vitamin Company has launched its first product, Born:Again. A carefully created hair vitamin supplement designed for new mums. Born:Again is a multivitamin and mineral formulation with hero ingredients including Marine Collagen and Biotin.

Post-partum hair loss is commonly experienced by new mothers and is predominantly due to normal changes in hormone balance. During pregnancy the body produces more of the hormones that it needs to support the growth of the baby, specifically oestrogen. Oestrogen is responsible for transferring nutrients to baby and supporting its growth, the extra oestrogen however causes changes to the hair growth cycle and the hair remains in the growth phase for longer. This means that when pregnant, a woman’s hair doesn’t shed as normal, which in some cases can result in thicker healthier looking hair. However, once the baby is born and oestrogen levels start to level off, the hair will begin to fall out. This can be sudden and often in clumps which can cause distress for new mothers.

How Hair Changes During and After PregnancyHow Hair Changes During and After PregnancyHow Hair Changes During and After PregnancyBorn: Again has been tailored to the needs of women with a new baby, including nutrients for normal healthy hair which, as explained, is especially important to women after they have had a baby. The easy to take, one a day supplement contains hero ingredients including:

–          Marine collagen- made up of small protein fragments that the body can easily absorb and digest plus Vitamin C to support normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels.

–          100% of the daily recommended intake of Biotin which contributes to normal, healthy hair.

–          Zinc – a crucial mineral to support normal, healthy hair. Zinc also helps normal body processing of carbohydrates, fats, and protein and acts as an antioxidant – by protecting cells from oxidative stress.

–          Other nutrients include Vitamin B12 for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and Vitamin B6 for the regulation of normal hormonal activity, both areas are a focus for post-partum women.

Born:Again is safe for mums to take while breastfeeding and can be taken any time after giving birth.

Born:Again has been created by hairdressers Carol Joyce and Anna Forde the founders of The Hair Vitamin Company. Healthy hair starts from the inside and this vitamin supplement aims to help hair get back to normal after pregnancy so new mums can start to feel like themselves again.

Carol Joyce, Co-Owners says, “We’ve had hundreds of women come into our salons feeling worried and upset about post-partum hair loss and after some research, we realised there were very few hair supplements products available specifically for new mums. We’ve spent the last three years perfecting this product which we hope will specifically address the concerns of new mums including their hair – and feeling tired!

Anna Ford, Co-Owner added“We’re both mums and understand how distressing it is to see your hair falling a few months after having a baby. We’re committed to helping mums get their hair mojo back so they can start to feel themselves again.”

–          Suitable while breast-feeding

–          For best results take one supplement daily

Born: Again is available at for €39.99 for a one-month supply of 30, one a day, capsules.

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