Helping Dyslexic kids read – Scanning Pens

We love reading with our children but also, we want to encourage them to be able to read themselves while doing homework and at bedtime. Sometimes certain words are hard to understand, especially for our daughter who has #Dyslexia, so she uses her scanning pen to help her with tricky words in the books she she doesn’t understand. Have a look here a how she is using it

Its amazing the difference it has made to her – she used to skip the words she didn’t understand and this meant, not understanding the whole sentence, so certain books would not necessarily make sense to her.

But now, with her Scanning Pen (also called a Reader Pen) she is well able to read by herself at night and when she comes across a word she doesn’t understand, she uses the pen to find out what the word is and what it means. First she scrolls the reader pen across the word and the pen reads the word aloud to her. Then, if she need to know the meaning of the word, she presses the dictionary function on the pen and this explains the word to her.

It’s so brilliant for helping her read with independence, we really love this pen, it has changed how our daughter reads so much.

For any child or adult who struggles with reading or spelling or is #Dyslexic, the Scanning Pen will really help them.

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