Glamdoll beauty & make-up offer for!

Hollywood Mirrors from are fabulous for anyone who loves to glam it up like me, a total #Glammy

With 3 light settings, it’s excellent for doing make-up, day or night. Use promo code MAM10 for 10% off!

Hollywood Glam Mirror 'The Gigi' - Glam Doll Hollywood Ultra Glam ‘The Capri’ - Glam Doll Hollywood Ultra Glam XL Marilyn Mirror - Glam Doll Harmony Collection - Hollywood Glam PRO XL 'The Uptown' with Bluetooth Speakers - Glam Doll

The Glamdoll beauty box below is fab gift for any one who likes make-up and likes to be organised! This brush box is so clever and gorgeous with the beads!! From messy make-up bags where you can never find what you’re looking for to organised, clean make-up beauty boxes, we love!!! Use promo code MAM10 for 10% off!!!

              Mini Glam Box - Glam Doll  Brush Box - Glam Doll Lip Box - Glam Doll Glam Doll Compact Tray - Glam Doll

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