Come see Santa at Dublin’s first drive-in Christmas Grotto at the RDS, Simmonscourt


We are thrilled to announce that Santa Claus is **still** coming to town with Dublin’s first brand new socially distant drive-thru Christmas attraction… Santa’s Drive-In Grotto!

Santa’s Drive-In Grotto will be coming to RDS, Simmonscourt this Christmas from 26 November

Tickets go on sale Monday 12th October at 9am priced from €39 plus fees, per vehicle HERE

This year, Mr & Mrs Claus have been hard at work building a North Pole Outpost in the RDS, so their team of socially distant elves can carry out their important operations safely. For the first time ever, you will be granted backstage access to see Santa’s magical operations while getting to meet the man himself.
You’ll drive through Santa’s magical runway of blinking lights before you get to the elves’ check-in booths. You’ll then set off on a winding road of wonder, taking in Winter Workshops, Santa’s Sorting Office, the Snow Blizzard Containment Centre and even see the Elves’ Christmas Control Centre and much, much more! Of course, Mr & Mrs Claus will be there to safely meet and greet you and your family! Then before you leave, pull up alongside Santa’s sleigh and receive a treat, but beware, kids, Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice!
In a year when working together is so important – Mr & Mrs Claus felt it necessary to show everyone the magic of Christmas, while following the guidelines and keeping everyone safe and sound in the comfort of their own vehicles.
We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our land of festive wonder

You never leave the safety of your car during this whole event from start to finish. We are Ireland’s first and only completely contactless drive-in Christmas attraction.

Please print off your ticket and bring it with you. Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window on arrival. You will then proceed to enter our attraction. You may put your windows down to let the children see the surroundings better. You must follow our traffic light system. When you approach a red light you must stop and let the scene play out. When the light turns green you can then proceed onto the next scene. The attraction will take approx 20 min to complete. You must go to every scene in the attraction. Once you enter you cannot leave early.

Tickets are on sale now right HERE

Early Bird tickets €39 + fees. Total : (€42.32)
General Release €49 + fees. Total : (€53.17)

1 CAR = up to 7 PEOPLE

● Tickets cannot be sold on. Anyone found selling tickets will have them cancelled, bar codes will be voided and you will not be given a refund.
● Tickets are non-refundable.
● You MUST remain in your vehicle at all times. Under no circumstances must you leave your car.
● Your car must be in good working order & hold valid insurance
● You MUST not bring alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons of any kind into the attraction.
● No Vans, Minibuses or pickup trucks allowed due to height restrictions. Cars only. Soft tops are allowed.
● A maximum of 7 guests per car is allowed.
● Our event uses lots of strobe lighting effects & smoke effects. If you suffer from epilepsy or any other condition affected by the use of these special effects we recommend you do not attend this event.
● No pets are allowed.
● Where numbers in the vehicle exceed the manufacturers intended capacity. Entry will not be permitted for health and safety reasons.

● The vehicle height restriction for this event is 2.3m a height restriction will be in operation prior to entry.

● The safety of staff and guests is our top priority and have designed the entire experience with the current health guidelines in mind.
● Performers and staff will wear masks while onsite.
● Performers & staff will socially distance from each other at all times.
● All staff will be temperature checked before entering the site.
● Upon arrival at our site, Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window.
● You never leave the safety of your car during the whole event from start to finish.

● The speed limit will be set at 5 mph
● You must follow our traffic light system. when you approach a red light you must stop, switch your engine off, this will allow the scene to start and actors to be able to approach your car safely. When the light turns green you can switch your engine back on and drive to the next scene.
● While there might be minimal set pieces as you drive from scene to scene, there will be no actors or staff approaching the cars while driving from one location to the next.
● All cars are required to have current car insurance and the driver will be responsible for any damage and injuries that may occur, due to the fault of the driver, staff, performers, or anyone else.
● Guests MUST wear their seat belts at all times and doors should remain unlocked in case of an emergency.

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