GlamDoll – turning you into a total #Glammy!!

You know we love a bit of #Glam over here. We’ve even created our own special word for Mammies who love a bit of make-up & sparkle, we are #Glammies!!  When we came across Irish company we were very excited to recommend their products and offer you all 10% off your purchase with PROMO CODE ‘MAM10’

GLAM DOLL | Bringing Hollywood Home

I miss going to the salon for beauty & make-up, so we’ve brought the glamour of a salon, home. With 2 teenagers, we have already agreed to take turns at the mirror and we are happy to share the GlamDoll box (well, I say share, they keep nicking all my gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury make-up!) But I don’t mind, we love this set up, it makes me want to put on a bit of lippy to face the day and I find that always puts me in a better mood, when I put on some make-up. If you want to see it in use. go here (I promise its so funny, you’ll love this video!)


The mirror is called The Gigi, and is one the Hollywood mirror range. It has 3 light settings and really is the most excellent mirror for doing make-up at any time of the day or night. It shows everything so you know you are doing it right!

The Glamdoll beauty box is just so clever, no more rummaging around the bottom of a mucky make-up bag looking for an eyeliner or pencil pearer. With this box, everything is laid out so you can see exactly what is in each drawer. I’ve put all my foundations, primers and concealers in one drawer, eyeshadows in another, eyebrow products in another and lipsticks in another. It is the most fabulous product, I love it and I HIGHLY recommend it as a Christmas (or birthday) gift idea for any gal who loves make-up

    Mini Glam Box - Glam Doll      Mini Glam Box - Glam Doll     Mini Glam Box - Glam Doll   Mini Glam Box - Glam Doll

And then you have to think about your make-up brushes…they deserve something nice as well to keep them stored well and visible so you don’t have to go rooting around for them! This box is so clever, also so gorgeous with the beads!! Buy here and use promo code MAM10 for 10% off!!!

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