Roller skating our way to fitness!!

Gotta find interesting ways to keep the kids (and myself) active during lockdown; so we’re roller skating our way to fitness and out of bordem!!

I love my 4 wheel skates from – they are 4 wheeled and have a stopper at the front, exactly like the ones I had when I was a kid! Its a real trip down memory lane to put on a pair of 4 wheeled skates and go off with my gals. My girls prefer the inline skates, like rollerblades but the 4 wheel are my faves! We got them from cool store store. You can buy online or in their store in Dublin. Great service and the skates, skateboards etc are superb quality. The wheels are rubber, making them easy to roll on. We love!!!!!

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You can check out the full Irish Independent article, by the wonderful Chrissie Russell here

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