Return to Preschool – what to expect!

As parents, we have alot of questions and concerns around the return to school and preschool, so we asked Karen & Siobhán from Wheaton Montessori and Academy (WMA) preschool to come up with a Q&A for us, to help us understand how it will all work when the kids go back! Hope you find it as helpful as we did!

Wheaton Montessori Academy have implemented these Procedures, to enable safe return to preschool

We know many parents are anxious about the children returning to preschool.

At WMA we have taken many steps to help make our service safe for your return. The following are steps we have taken to give you peace of mind.

1) we have implemented a pod system; this is where one group of children will be together with a staff member and not mix with other pods.

2 )the service has been deep cleaned and all room have been set up to ensure no sharing of toys/equipment.

3) new policies and procedure are in place and staff have received training on these

4) we no longer permit parents into the service and have staggered drop off and pick up times for each pod.

5) our outdoor space has been revamped to enable as much outdoor access as possible all year round.

6) Staff and children have temperature checks on arrival

7) a procedure in place and designated room available if a child or staff member presents with covid symptoms.

8) strict health and hygiene routine around cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing the service, equipment and toys.

No staff will be moving between pods and we have trained management to be a covid 19 officer to ensure all procedure are adhered to.

We hope this gives you peace of mind in the preparation for your child to return to our preschool.

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