We Tint – sun safe, temp controlled windows for your children!

If you’ve ever struggled to keep a sunscreen up on the back window of your car, to stop the sun streaming on to your child’s face, you’ll appreciate this, a car window tinting service that darkens the windows in the rear of your car to keep your baby/child from being uncomfortable with the sun on them.


At We Tint on Longmile Road in Dublin 12, not only can you get the windows tinted to make your child more comfortable, you can also get a UVA/UVB protection in the tint that will protect them from the suns harmful rays. The tint also helps not keep the car from overheating in the hot weather.

So many times the sun protector screen fell down when my babies were in the back of the car and I had to pull over to stick it back on. Also, here were many times I put the window down a bit and the sun screen fell off, so again, I had to pull over and stick it back on. Basically, these screens are a nightmare!

Tinting the windows is a great way to make being the car more comfortable for them and once its done, there’s no more hassle with sunscreens and them falling off the window anymore!!

We’ve had it done to our family car and think its a great thing to do. The lads at We Tint did it for us, they are located in Dublin 12, on the Longmile road, just before you reach ALDI. It took just over an hour ro get the 2 back windows and the rear window tinted and while they were doing it, we went a few doors down a gorgeous Farm cafe which had the most yummy scones and coffees to pass the time.

For 3 days we couldn’t put the windows down until the tint had fully set and I have to say, apart from all the safety benefits and comfort of having the windows tinted, the car looks cool with them done!

This is definitely not just a thing for people with cool cars to do, its a great thing for family cars. We are delighted we had it done and fair play to the lads at We Tint, they were so friendly and helpful in advising us which tint to get.

Here is how we got on:

Window tint for your little ones!

WeTint provides a window tinting service for your car. For the back and rear windows, this tint protects your baby/child from having the sun in their eyes. You can pick different shades of tint with option of UVA/UVB protection. It makes the car safer and more comfortable for your baby/child. We've had it done on our own can and personally recommend it. If you've ever had a sun shade fall off your car windown, this is an ideal alternative!! #wetint #baby #child #safety #sunprotection

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    (January 1, 2020 - 5:22 pm)

    Love that we got our windows tinted….its great for the kids in the back so the sun doesn’t get in their eyes. The guys at We Tint are parents themselves and are so helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.

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