Advert about Periods banned!

How backwards are we in Ireland that an advert about #tampax has been banned from our TV’s. I mean, its 2020 and we are still dealing with rubbish like this!? Ok, the advert is rubbish and cringey but come on, there are so many bad adverts on TV and they don’t get banned
There were 84 complaints about the advert, claiming that it was offensive and/or sexual in nature! Periods happen and gals need to use pads and/or tampons. It is a PART OF LIFE for a huge number of the population! For the love of jaysus, there should not be any stigma around a normal, bodily function!!!! And as for a tampon being sexual, sweet jaysus, that’s the last thing it is when its being used to soak up blood!!!😲😲😲
Somedays I feel weary at the absolute nonsense women have to put up with. There should be no taboo or shame when it comes to discussing and advertising period related products us women. We NEED these products to deal with our periods.
Its pathetic that in a nation of over 5 million, a measly 84 complaints can yield so much power, to cause an advert to be banned.
Its like the Catholic church all over again…..trying to make women feel ashamed of something that is a 100% natural bodily function.
Do we need to point out that without periods, there would be no babies and we would cease to exist a species.
I wonder if the people who were ‘offended’ ever stop to consider that.
As if the monthly dose of cramps, spots, PMS and bleeding is not enough to deal with, now we have to suffer through the ridiculousness of  adverts being banned for ludacris reasons

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