Did you know that parents spend, on average €100, replacing items that are lost by their children during the school year. One way to help your child get back any items they misplace at school or while they’re with friends, is to label their clothing.

MyNameTags make personalised labels, either iron on or stick on. For school uniforms, coats, bags, shoes – these labels are great to identify your child’s items. You can choose the colour, design and then, add your child’s personal details such as name and a contact phone number. I put my phone number on there so if my child loses anything, the parent or teacher who finds it can call me about returning it.

After our daughter’s birthday party a few months ago we had 2 coats and a hoody left behind and had no idea who they belonged to as they were not labelled, so we had to text around a dozen parents to find out which coat/hoody belongs to which child! If they had been labelled, it would have been so much easier!

Have you ever seen the lost and found box in your child’s school? They are usually over flowing with clothes! Labelling your child’s items makes it easy for the teacher to reunite it with your child if its left in the classroom.

You can buy 56 personalised labels from MyNameTags for only €16.95. That’s less than the cost of a school jumper or schoolbag and will help reunite you with any items your child misplaces during the school year! Pick the colour, shape and style you like and personalise it! Here are some of the options available….

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