Boob support – so important when exercising!

So many of us have been out walking/running and exercising over the past while and something that is so important for us gals, is to wear a decent sports bra that supports you while you exercise.

I have tried quite a few over the years (I’m a DD cup so I absolutely have to have a sports bra when exercising) but its not always easy to get really good support bras that are comfortable and easy to wear.

Step up, Runderwer. A company that makes sports bras for women of all sizes. Whether you’re a smaller cup size and want good support or if you are a larger cup size and want to reduce bounce when exercising, these bras are FANTASTIC!!!

Here are pics of me on my way for a run today wearing the Runderwear Bra and also, a pic of a ‘sports bra’ I bought last year. The difference speaks for itself!

This is the Runderwear bra = Full Support!                This is a regular sports bra = bad support!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing                  Image may contain: 1 person, standing

I got this particular bra, because it has wide straps and additional coverage to give my DD’s the support they need and I am so very impressed. I went for a jog today and literally, my boobs did not move. No jiggling, no bouncing and no feeling like I was going to be whacked in the face by them when I got my speed up!! They also have matching knickers too, they also stay put when running/walking, so no wedgies!!


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