Strawberry Pavlova

Simple but yummy treat to make with the kids for after your Sunday roast!,


6 egg whites
250g Caster sugar,
250mls of double cream.
Lots of strawberries!( at least 2 large punnets)


Preheat your oven to 140 degree’s.Slowly begin to beat your egg white’s until they are foamy, then increase the speed on your mixture to medium, when the egg white’s have reached a soft white peaks gradually add the sugar one tblsp at a time, continue to beat until all the sugar is added and you have stiff white silky mixture! (chef ytest is holding the bowl over your head & it doesn’t move). If you prefer a sticky in the middle pavlova then add a tablesp of white wine vinegar or cornflour at this stage. place your mixture on a flat tray based with grease-proof paper, no need to grease the tray.spread roughly into any desired shape. Bake in the middle shelf foe an hour, then turn the oven off and allow it to sit there until the oven is cool, this will help it dry out.Top with what ever you or the kids prefer.Start with whipped double cream and fruit if your choice( great way to get the fruit into the little one’s. Dust with icing sugar for that final chefy touch! Enjoy

Contributed by Sabrinab 08, Monasterboice/Tullyallen


Nutritional Information

Good source of dairy and multi-vitamins depending on choice of fruits.

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