Pumpkin Recipes from Foodee

Here are some fab recipes ideas from Denise at FooDee Nutrition you can do with your pumpkins this Halloween besides carve them!! @FooDeeNutrition/
1. This is a simple recipe that won’t take too much time. Roast pumpkin/squash with maple syrup and mixed herbs on sourdough with a smattering of ricotta.
2. You might need more time to make @thehappypear pumpkin soup. But it is a great recipe which I really like because they hit 9 plant based foods in one go. They’ve also added lentils, a great source of plant protein, therefore balancing the meal keeping your little munchkins fuller for longer. I’m always working on ways to fill them up so they aren’t able to fit in as much of the sugary treats.
3. And lastly who doesn’t love pancakes, this recipe might be best for a lazy Sunday morning in the kitchen for your first try out anyways. Check out COOKIE + Kate pumpkin pancakes recipe. When your children are young, hiding veggies is a perfectly fine. What you need to remember is that you are forming their tastes right now. So be ok with tricking them a little. Using wholewheat flour helps to keep their little blood sugars flowing nice and steadily reducing those HANGRY episodes dramatically when you team it with a natural yoghurt that provides them with the protein and fats needed for satiety and fullness. I always make extra batter and keep them in the fridge for a quick tea option during the busy week.
Happy face- painting, dress-up, trick or treating and most of all EATING some wholesome treats this Halloween.
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