Wheaton Montessori – mams.ie recommends!

Looking for a creche for your child in Drogheda? We can personally recommend Wheaton Montessori Academy & Creche where we sent our own daughter. The staff are fantastic, really friendly and professional and we had a great experience there. Our daughter was really nervous and upset when she started and the staff were so good with her that within a couple of weeks she has settled in really well. We found it so hard dropping her in initially when she was upset that we were leaving her but the staff were so good, they would call us within a few mins to let us know she was grand and playing happily with other children and that the tears had stopped!

That reassurance meant so much to us – knowing she was happy there was very important for us.

We can personally whole heartedly recommend Wheaton Montessori, our daughter went there for 2 years and cried when she was finished because she would miss everyone so much! She made 2 friends there who are still her best friends in school now.

For inquiries about places, contact Siobhan or Karen on 0419848288 or wheatonmontessori@gmail.com or see


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