Salt Cave Halotherapy – for better health!

Salt Cave Halotherpay  is so brilliant for anyone with sinus issues, hayfever or asthma. The organic Black Salt in the sale cave helps clear out bunged up sinuses! Located on Railway St. in Balbriggan, just beside the train station, relaxing in the dark, cool rooms made from Black Salt, helps clear out sinuses to improves well being and health! Check them out here!

The rooms are made from Black Salt, imported from Transylvania. They have a family room and adult room. The family room has play mats on the floor that have football and balloons and water, so the kids can jump around, while breathing in the helpful salt! There are lots of massage chairs, making it relaxing for adults and parents. There are half price offers on right now, well worth a look!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and shoes Here we are, holding one of the Black Salt Lamps, great to have one in the home, especially for anyone with hayfever, asthma, sinus issues etc.

For family offers, special deals and half price booking details, please see here!

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