From grubby hallway to clean and bright entryway!!

Be honest, how often do you paint your hallway? Would you say about every 3-5 years on average? Yep, that’s around the same as us so instead of just buying a big tin of cheap paint, its a good idea to buy decent paint that will last well, look good after a couple of years and withstand whatever muck, jam, crayons and other smudges the little ones stick on there!!

We wanted to paint our hallway, its due a fresh coat of paint and so I went to a hardware store and asked for some advice. I was told a paint expert would be with me ‘shortly’. So I waited. And I waited. After a while, I went looking for said paint expert but he was busy. So I asked someone else to help me and they had no clue about paint so they went off to look for someone else who could help me. So I waited. And I waited. After almost 20 minutes of no one looking after me, I left the shop with no paint.

Then, I heard someone local I know talking about Murtaghs and how they always buy their paint there because of the quality and service. So, up I went today and the level of service was excellent!!! I was so well looked after.

They asked about the light in the hall – I explained that its not naturally bright so they recommended a warm colour. They asked about my children and what kind of marks and stains usually get splattered on the wall and they recommended a paint for me, that will look good, last well and is easy to clean. It also has a feature that when dirt lands on it, the dirt kind of trickles down, so its easy to wipe clean. No need for spraying anything on it, just wipe clean and go!

The friendly staff and expert advice were brilliant – especially after my experience in the big impersonal store a few weeks back.

So here at we are whole heartedly recommending Murtaghs of Drogheda, just up off Trinity St, up the lane way in the little industrial park there.

Here is a little video we took in store today because I wanted to show just how helpful it is to go to a local store to encourage more people to shop local not just because its good for our community but because these guys really know what they’re talking about!!!

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