Boob Support for sport & exercising!

If you have big boobs (like me!) and you exercise, you NEED a proper sports bra.

We have tried & tested so many and the brand that comes out tops is ENELL, Inc. These bras are like a corset for your boobs. They hold them in place and really support you when walking, running, jumping, dancing. The best support you can get in our opinion!


For walking and low impact exercise, we like the Enell Lite bra, its comfy to wear all day and its good for light support! See Lite here:

Enell Lite-NL101Lite!

For high impact exercise, we recommend the Enell Sport


I personally have 4 of these bras, 1 lite and 3 sport and at this stage, I don’t wear anything else!Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing

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