Lovely Vienna Woods Cork & Fabulous Cobh!

We had a fab time at Vienna Woods Hotel, Glanmire in Cork for a mini family break. The staff, the food, the rooms – everything about this hotel is so friendly, warm and welcoming. They were particularly welcoming to our children, which is nice, as not all hotels are actually as ‘family friendly’ as they claim to be!! Our rooms were spacious and the hotel has lots of space to wander; from the lush grounds to the little nooks and crannies that we found during our stay. Our children were so relaxed because they were made to feel welcome and this in turn, made us relax and enjoy our stay! We would definitely recommend this hotel, it is packed full of character! See more here!

As we were so close to Cobh, we decided to go spend a day there doing touristy things! Cobh is a beautiful town, right by the seaside with quirky attractions and things to do. From the train ride around the town to the large cannon in the park, there is lots to see. We took a picnic and sat overlooking the bay as seagulls came down and swooped up any crumbs we left!

We took a ferry over to Spike Island. The ferry ride took about 10 mins and Spike Island is such an interesting place to visit.  This was so interesting, we learned all about the prison that was home to the island for years and years and how Spike Island was a fort used by Ireland and England during wars. We spent a few hours there, the history is amazing, even our children were engrossed in it. Then we headed back on the ferry to do Escapade Cobh escape room. We did the ‘Escape from Spike Island’ challenge, where we were handcuffed together in a ‘jail cell’ and had to crack codes to break out! Our teens were absolutely brilliant at cracking the codes (way better than their parents!!)

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