Keep your pets safe around Fireworks!

Ann-Marie and the award winning team at All Pets Vets, Donore Rd Drogheda would like to give pet owners some tips for Halloween; to make it less stressful for our dogs + cats:

All Pets Veterinary Hospital
1. Exercise before dark to avoid the bangers and to ensure the pet is sleepy in the evening after lots of exercise.
2. Keep indoors, curtains closed, tv/radio on,allow them have a hiding place.
3. You can comfort as in keep the animal company, possibly have a dog they get on well with who doesnt mind fireworks to stay but dont overly reassure asthis could lead to reinforcement of the nervous behaviour.
4. Natural anxiolytics eg DAP collars and kalm aid to be used in the run up to Halloween and if required your vet may prescribe some sedatives.
5.PET ID – alot of animals run off in fright during fireworks and can go long distances so make sure they are microchipped. It’s a pity our animals don’t enjoy Halloween as much as the kids, so please be kind to and take care of your pets this October 31st

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Allpets

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