Hula Hooping

Its not easy being a Mammy…finding the time to look after the children often leaves little time for looking after yourself.

So, we are always looking for clever ways to get some ‘Me Time’ and this clever weighted hula hoop from is the perfect way to squeeze in some exercise at home.

Even if you’ve only got 10 mins to spare, you can whip up quite a sweat with some hula hooping.

I got my hoop today and I’ll be the first to admit, I am not great at it – YET!!I am planning to give it a go every day for the next while until I am decent enough to do a proper blog on it.

I have been at it for about 10 mins today and even in that time, I got much better at it. I think its one of those things where a little bit of practice makes perfect.

Its a brilliant exercise idea! Defo one to give a go Mammies!!! This is the one I got: … -hoop.html

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