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Ok gals, this is it! Our guide to helping you lose weight and feel healthier and better about yourself. Whether you need to lose a little weight or a good amount of weight (like I currently do) don’t fret, we can all help each other and we willreach our goals.

Dave Kavanagh is our health expert who is going to guide us all through this process.

Dave is going to post some tips below about keeping a food diary, increasing water intake, doing a little exercise to start off before building up and how to plan for being healthy (i.e. Not buying loads crisps and bikkies in the shop!). If you buy healthy, you’ll eat healthy!

I’ll be first to start off with my Goal.

I’m Siobhan and my goal is to lose 2.5 stone

I am aiming to get back to my pre knee injury weight. I know I’ve put on alot of weight but instead of getting upset, I am getting active and doing something about it. A long road ahead but together, we can spur each other on.

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